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Become A Successful Executive Assistant

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  • Communication Style 
  • Difficult Times
  • Creating A Database + Template 
  • The Best Advice I Can Give 

Communication Style

  • Answer every request right away! Anything longer than 20mins is too long! Being an assistant means you are part of a team; the other person does not want to feel solo they require your immediate attention. 
  • Make a list. Priorities are forever changing, be flexible and for this reason do not create a rigid schedule, it does not work. 


Your exec requires advice and direction too! Provide suggestions and additional information. This is where you can make use of the connections you have made and insert the useful information you have learnt. By gaining more knowledge, you become more valuable to your exec. 

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Creating A Database

Write everything down!  Even the little things you think you already know. 

There will be times you need to verify. You can create this database with an Excel sheet. Use different Sheets/ Tabs along the bottom to divide up your information. Save it to a secure cloud, this way you have access to all essential information when needed. 

Check out the eBook where I share the template I created and use daily. 

Analysing Behaviours

Learn your exec, understand their habits, likes/dislikes, wants and expectations. I had the pleasure of getting to know my exec in advance, but it is still a work in progress. 

Do your best, use your database, and write everything down. Speak to others and gain a general understanding of how things are carried out.

Listen to the questions your exec is asking in meetings! This will show you which topics they are most concerned with, therefore you should focus on. Take notes even if the meeting is short, you may need to refer to them.

Difficult Times

Pertaining to difficult times in the office and remaining composed through the crazy!

Life is forever changing, challenging issues as well as difficult conversations will take place, which has been the theme throughout 2020. 

Remaining composed is all about mindset and being proactive, this will allow you to get through difficult times.

Check out the eBook where I go into detail about getting through difficult times and situations. I also touch on the topic of Emotions & Reactions. 


If your exec is as incredible as mine, let them know! Often execs only hear about complaints and issues, let them know they are an excellent leader. Positive reinforcement is necessary for us all. My exec is very kind, so this is easy but it might take time to build this element into your relationship, with time you will discover all that your exec does to enable success and it will become natural.  

Meeting & Connecting

Connecting with others has been key! This will allow you to understand the company and industry much better, especially if you are in a niche. The other assistants at my company have provided amazing advice, the best support system! Our bosses are all so similar, different yet similar and appreciate all the small thoughtful supportive touches. All assistants will function differently but there are so many elements to be learnt from other assistants. 

Connecting with department heads and individuals that handle niche areas can also help to gain a better understand so that you can provide your exec with clear accurate information when needed.

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