Sunday, January 17

Moving Abroad!

Only 42% of Americans have passports, which is a 15% growth from 2007. 

76% of Britain are passport holders. 

The US is much larger of course, you can travel across many different states and gain whole new experience but 42% as of 2016 is low. 

5 Things To Consider:   

  • Weather 
  • Affordability 
  • Companies / Work 
  • City / Suburb 
  • Transportation Links 

Why I left London & why Atlanta

Going to keep this post short but perhaps I will make another post about my life in the future.

An American & British Citizen by birth, so no visa advice sorry! I get asked this question a lot.  

I grew up in London for the most part and fast forward to University (Uni) I knew London was going to be very difficult to start trying to build by life, just have a look at rent prices + average uni graduate salary. Also, people come from all over Europe after uni to start their career in London, therefore the competition for “graduate jobs” is intense.

I love love love London! I am bias, but London is simply beautiful and so diverse. If you have never visited, I highly recommend spending some time in the city.  I have never met anyone that does not like London. 

As a child we would visit Florida every summer and family in Alabama. We often would road trip and stop off in other states. I love Florida but I knew I personally could not deal with hurricanes. 

Georgia always stuck out to me as being affordable and having beautiful weather. 

 My Requirement 

– Beautiful Weather – No Snow 

– Affordable/ Good Housing Market 

–  International Companies / Headquarters 

– Major City – Social life / Nice restaurants (I am a Londoner haha)

– Direct Flights to Europe – Home to London in 8-9 hours if needed. 

Making The Decision

I thought about what made leaving London worth it to me. As I mentioned I love London, I love the culture and the vibe of the city, therefore leaving London was not easy and needed to be worth it to me personally. 

You must make a judgment on what is important to you. Not everyone moves abroad for life, sometimes it is a planned-out amount of time, five years or so, gain the experience and go home. I love that!  

I have no plans of moving back to London though haha. I adore Atlanta, Georgia and here is why. 

I am very aware my experience is different than the average and therefore I want to share, maybe it will inspire or simply be of interest. 

When I first moved to Georgia, I worked for a company and I just did not like the company culture, so I researched and really thought “What do I want out of a company?” and continued to research and apply for jobs. This was stressful lol 

I also joined Job Agencies, highly recommend. I have only ever gotten a job through an agency.     

Now I work for an Italian company, so I genuinely feel like I have the best of both worlds. I live in the US and I work with a large diverse group of people, which reflects the city of London itself. Atlanta is a major city, beautiful weather, good housing market and direct flights to many European destinations London, Paris, Frankfurt just to name a few.  

Therefore, my experience of moving abroad and my view of Atlanta is somewhat unique. For me, I have found the perfect match. 


You are not going to love everything about the new country and that is okay.   

There is no such thing as the perfect country.